Life is Strange
"Life is Strange" screenshot Life Is Strange Steam Page

Square Enix’s story-driven RPG “Life is Strange” is coming to an end soon. The next and final episode of the game just recently got a concrete release date, ending the game after a total of five episodes.

In a post on publisher Square Enix’s official European blog, the producer of the game Luc Baghadoust announced that the fifth and final episode of “Life is Strange,” titled “Polarized” is coming on Oct. 24. However, Baghadoust noted that the game is not yet fully complete but the team is working hard to reach the target release date.

"100% ready ... in the spirit of [protagonist] Max's birthday (today)," Baghadoust said. He added "many things can change in the lead up to release but the team are working really hard to try and hit this date."

The game first premiered last January with its first episode. It has been widely received by fans and its deep storyline was critically acclaimed. Ever since its premiere, “Life is Strange” has been following a bimonthly release schedule for each episode.

However, episode four was released back in July and fans have waited long for the fifth. Instead of the usual two month period, fans had to wait an extra month more. Baghadoust attributed this long waiting period to the developers' aim of making sure that the game is at its best when it ends.

In an interview with Polygon, Baghadoust and “Life is Strange” co-director Michael Koch, mentioned that wanted to keep the game’s ending “narratively complete.” Although the pair is not confirming that season 2 is in the works, it seems they have plans for it. Koch added that if season 2 does happen, it will be starred by a new cast. The developer is currently working on a new game called “Vampyr,” so it’s likely that “Life is Strange” will be gone for a while after episode 5.

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