Life is Strange
"Life is Strange" screenshot Life Is Strange Steam Page

Critically acclaimed narrative-driven adventure game “Life Is Strange” concluded last October with its fifth and final episode, titled "Polarized." The game’s ending was well-praised by fans, but it left them clamouring for more. A member of Dontnod Entertainment, the developer behind “Life is Strange,” hinted that a second season for the game is in the works.

Dontnod co-founder Alain Damasio was recently interviewed by French publication, Alchimy. The interview, which has since been translated by Reddit user Koyl, revealed that “Life Is Strange” is indeed getting a second season. Damasio shared the news by saying that he is part of the scriptwriting process for the follow-up to the first season.

"I worked as a script doctor on Life Is Strange, developed by the studio Dontnod, and I will participate on Life Is Strange 2 later,” said Damasio to Alchimy.

The news may not come as a surprise to fans as Dontnod studio has revealed before that they were interested in developing a Season 2 for the game. Hints of Dontnod developing a sequel began in June 2014, when producer Luc Baghadoust revealed to Polygon that he would like to work on another season. Since the second season has long been thought of, fans could see it sometime next year. The game is episodic, so Dontnod could’ve begun development on the first episode.

Damasio was mum on any detail regarding the story of the second season, but it should be something worth the wait, considering that the plot of “Life Is Strange” was complex yet beautifully woven. Co-director and art director Michael Koch stated that Season 2 would rely on a new cast of characters. The location of the game also looks to be different from the first season, but Koch added that they will still adhere to the overall theme of the game.

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