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Rumours had it that Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna would be the next Hollywood's power couple. The unexpected pair was seen hanging out at the Playboy Mansion on Jan 10, and now there's a new report detailing what is it with Leo that Riri cannot resist.

Hollywood Life reports that Leonardo DiCaprio is indeed, making Rihanna swoon. After TMZ reported that the two A-list entertainment stars were seen making out at the Playboy mansion during the weekend, a source close to the actor now revealed to Hollywood Life that Rihanna perceives Leonardo as "real, honest, and authentic." The source added that Rihanna loves that Leonardo can hold a good conversation. But the one simple thing that is making Rihanna's knees tremble is his eyes. "She loves looking into his eyes and when they talk she gets lost in those baby blues of his," said the insider.

This does not mean the two are going to just jump into an official relationship quickly though. Holloywood Life's source added that the "Stay" singer is only open to the idea of dating and would only start dating if the "vibe is right."

Before the rumours intensified that the two are dating because of their "Playboy Mansion" rendezvous, the two were also spotted on New Year's Eve in the French island of St. Barths. Dish Nation also shared some inside scoop of the then status of the rumoured couple. According to the insider, Leonardo and Rihanna are getting close and Rihanna simply adores the actor. The insider added that Rihanna's friends believe she is determined to have him become her boyfriend. The source also said that compared to Leo's former model girlfriends, Rihanna has a lot to offer to Leonardo to "keep hm on his toes." During their St. Barth's vacation, the two reportedly went to a lot of parties and spent some time at the apartments of their friends. However, because they do not want rumors just yet or media hounding their every move, the source said they are careful about being photographed. Rihanna just went through harrowing breakups with two rappers, Chris Brown and Drake, and it would be understandable for her not to start dating soon.