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"Legends of Tomorrow" was the first CW show to wrap up its season, so it only makes sense to see it as the first to open its next season. With the cast and producers presumably busy at work, the first poster for the show was recently revealed by co-star Brandon Routh.

Routh made the reveal via Twitter, showing a poster of the full cast back for another round of adventures. Sara Lance/White Canary (Caity Lotz) was in the centre of the group, hinting she may still be the official leader and chief pilot of the Waverider.

Where does Rip Hunter stand?

If so, most would ask the essence of Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill) being re-inserted into the fray. Being an original cast member, his return was expected, though he may be assigned to another task.

As most saw in the season finale of "Legends of Tomorrow," the timeline went astray due to the events that transpired. That included the "Legends" facing their own selves in a different time, leaving only one figure moving forward.

While all that seemed like a sensible solution, the fact remained that the history of each "Legend" varied. There were repercussions tied up to that, hence the uncanny ending of seeing dinosaurs and advanced technology in one setting.

For Rip Hunter, giving up command of the Waverider is expected since he will be tasked to organize the Time Bureau. The obvious mission of the group would be to try and restore order for the current timeline, something the "Legends" will try to fix next season.

Will Vixen be a regular?

With reference once again to the first poster of "Legends of Tomorrow" season 3, Vixen (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) is conspicuously in the group. While it may not indicate her as a regular, she could at some point be returned to her own timeline.

Equally interesting here is her relationship with Nate Heywood (Nick Zanos), which somehow alters the timeline and events. It is possible that the romance may be tied up to the whole mess – this may hint at another sacrifice next season.

If ever Vixen exits, a new member could be inserted into the fray. There is no official word yet on who that could be, but the current state of the world on "Legends of Tomorrow" needs all the help they can get. Season 3 of "Legends of Tomorrow" resumes on CW.