'Legends of the Hidden Temple': First trailer for upcoming Nickelodeon movie released on July 23 [VIDEO]

The movie reboot of the popular children's game show will be aired on Nickelodeon
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Legends of the Hidden Temple: The Movie
Nickelodeon's newest original movie, Legends of the Hidden Temple follows siblings Sadie, Noah, and Dudley as they try to escape the hidden temple and prove to everyone that the legend is real. YouTube/Nickelodeon

The first trailer for the television movie "Legends of the Hidden Temple" was released on July 23. The movie is a reboot of the 90s Nickelodeon game show of the same name. The teaser can be viewed in the official Nickelodeon YouTube account.

The trailer begins with a tour bus heading straight for Hidden Temple Park. Siblings Sadie, Noah and Dudley find themselves inside the temple after falling into a trap door. The youngsters then work together to escape the temple. The lead roles are played by Isabela Moner of upcoming movie "Transformers: The Last Knight," child actor Colin Critchley and Jet Jurgensmeyer of "American Sniper." 

Kirk Fogg reprises his role as the host. He also appears by swinging into the scene through a vine. The well-known traps and obstacles appear in the trailer as well, such as "the moat," the Mayan guardians, the Dark Forest, and the Silver Monkey puzzle. The Pendant of Life, a key item in the game show, is shown and serves as a talisman against the guards. Dee Bradley Baker returns as Olmec, the guide of the temple.

Joe Menendez, who worked on "The Brittany Murphy Story" in 2014 and "Ladrones" in 2015, will be directing the film. The story is written by Alex Jenkins Reid and produced by Pacific Bay Entertainment.

"Legends of the Hidden Temple" was aired in 1993 to 1995. The series was created by David G. Stanley, Scott A. Stone and Stephen Brown. It spawned a total of 120 episodes and three seasons. The show was well-received by both children and adults and was awarded as the "Best Game Show" at the 16th Annual CableACE awards in January 1995.

"Legends of the Hidden Temple" will debut as a TV movie on Nickelodeon. The release date is set around mid-September to early November.

WATCH: The first official trailer for 'Legends of the Hidden Temple: The Movie'

Source: YouTube/ Nickelodeon

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