New Year 2014
Fireworks explode past the Times Square Ball after it dropped to signal the start of the new year in Times Square, Midtown, New York [Reuters] Reuters

If rideshares, ice bucket challenges and selfies dominated 2014, for 2015, among the trends that will be prominent are the use of latex and turtleneck for fashion and Middle Eastern food for cuisine.

The good news for devices lovers would be the mushrooming of cordless charging stations, forecasts Fortune. There are 200 of them in Starbucks in Silicon Valley - which require adaptor - while Marriott plans to put some on its hotels and Intel is designing pared-down charging products.

As phone screens get bigger, tablets become passe. Samsung began the trend when it released in 2011 the 13.5-centimetre screen Galaxy Note, while Apple released in September 2014 the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus. Not to be outdone, Nokia and Google released 6-inch screens.

It would be smartwatches that would be the big hit, while talk about Google Glass would shatter.

Going beyond electronics, 2015 would see printed human organs, reports Herald Sun, made possible through the use of biological link from human cells with 3D printing technology.

Notwithstanding rideshare Uber's abuse during the Sydney Siege, more on-demand apps would be available for laundry by Washio, in-home hair and makeup by Glam Squad, groceries by Instakart and Italian fast food by Push for Pizza.

Coming soon, according to Fortune, are on-demand tattoo, paternity tests and day-old bread to satisfy the instant-gratification culture.

Among the highly rated Middle Eastern food expected to be the cuisine rave of this year are hummus, baklava and falafel, predicts Bing. But all-time favourite hip fast food items such as pizza, tacos and French fries would remain in demand.

Six Asian countries will be wellness destinations because of their affordable spa treatments such as fish pedicures, snake massages, butt facials and fat-transfer treatments. These are in India, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and South Korea.

Meanwhile, BBC foresees the rise of a new teen Internet sensation (is it goodbye Justin Bieber?), challenges to build a hut for charity and GoPro grannies, among others.

For fashion, here's the 2015 trend.


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