The Last Of Us Part II
"The Last Of Us 2" was announced during PlayStation Experience in December 2016. YouTube/PlayStation

Naughty Dog had barely announced the existence of “The Last Of Us 2” when fans of the franchise began to think up theories about what the upcoming title could be about. And while there are some stories that are more popular than others, only one seems to take previous Easter eggs into consideration.

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The most popular theory is arguably that Joel is dead and that Ellie is out to avenge his death. There are several clues that support this theory, including Joel’s seemingly pristine condition in the reveal trailer. But one other theory is about to make waves, as it considers more than just the video clip revealed at PlayStation Experience.

Watch the reveal trailer for “The Last Of Us 2”

The Wolf Hall reported that at the 1:48 mark, audiences get a clear view of the room Ellie sings in, and to the righthand side is a poster that says “Theseus.” In a Greek tale, Theseus was the son of King Aegeus, who ruled Athens. Theseus volunteered to go to Crete, where seven Athenian natives were sent as a sacrifice to a Minotaur. He told his father that if he is successful in killing the Minotaur, he will return with white sails.

In Crete, Theseus met and fell in love with Ariadne, who gave him a ball of wool so that he could find his way out of the Minotaur’s labyrinth. Theseus was successful in killing the Minotaur, and on his way back to Athens leaves Ariadne on a beach for unknown reasons. In his grief, he forgot to change his sails and King Aegeus jumped off a cliff thinking his son had died.

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The commonality between the tale of Theseus and “The Last Of Us Part 2” is sacrifice. And the new theory is that Ellie is out to seek the immune like her, whom the Fireflies are keeping captive. Following the ending of "The Last Of Us," Ellie believes Joel, who told her that the experiments - and the deaths of the immune-- would be fruitless. Ariadne in this story is a love interest of Ellie, who may give her a clue to the location of the immune.

Another side to the story is an old Easter egg found in “Uncharted 4.” The poster, which players first thought was a pregnant Ellie, could really be Ellie’s mother. “The Last Of Us 2” could provide Ellie with a backstory that showcases her mother’s demise in the hands of the Fireflies. This, much like Joel’s death, could push the new protagonist to the ultimate revenge.