Last Of Us
"The Last Of Us" was produced by Naughty Dog and released in June 2013. YouTube/NaughtyDog

When Naughty Dog released “The Last Of Us” in 2013, it became an instant hit, and fans have been clamoring for a sequel since. But while there has been hardly any news -- good or bad -- on the next installment, there has been a disappointing development on the title’s movie adaptation.

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“The Last Of Us” was officially announced for a movie in March 2014. At that point, the game’s creative director, Neil Druckmann, was on board to be the film’s producer along with Sam Raimi. Fans were thrilled at the idea of seeing the game’s protagonists, Ellie and Joel, on the big screen.

However, two years after the initial confirmation, Druckmann told IGN that hardly any work had been done on the movie. “I know I said in an interview a while back [that] we had a table read, got the script to a good place and it kind of entered development hell like these things tend to do,” he said. “[But] there hasn't been any work done on it in over a year and a half.”

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The same publication recently got in touch with Raimi, who explained exactly why "The Last Of Us" movie has been on hold. “Well, unfortunately that one -- when we went to Neil with Ghost House Pictures -- we were hoping to get the rights like we do any project and then we'd take it out and sell it, but we'd control the rights,” he said. “With this one, he went to Sony -- who I have a very good relationship with -- but they have their own plans for it, and I think Neil's plan for it -- I'm not trying to be political -- Neil's plan for it is not the same as Sony's.”

Raimi then went on to confirm that he himself cannot do anything because Sony now holds the rights for the movie of "The Last Of Us." However, if Sony and Druckmann are able to reach common ground, Raimi will still be on board to produce the same.

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