The Last Of Us 2
Naughty Dog confirmed "The Last Of Us 2" over the weekend at PlayStation Experience. YouTube/PlayStation

During PlayStation Experience, Naughty Dog revived an entire hall with a reveal trailer for “The Last Of Us Part II” that was as simple as it was chilling. The video featured a mature Ellie, who was intent on finding and eliminating a mysterious group of people.

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At this point, the game publisher has not revealed anything beyond of the four minute video. This has led players and fans of the franchise to conjure up their own stories and theories regarding the whereabouts, situation and general story of Ellie and Joel. One particular theory from Twitter user Marianne Craven has left followers heartbroken and hoping that Naughty Dog will prove it incorrect.

Because the trailer is the only source of evidence, the public is abuzz with ideas as to why this theory could be true. In the video, Ellie is covered in blood and filth, and her aura is definitely not the same as it was in the original “The Last Of Us” game. Players of the title fondly remember her as a generally optimistic character, while Joel was the one who kept them grounded. According to another Twitter user, the reason for this change is obvious.

In the first title, Ellie had gone through so much -- from seeing her friends turn to clickers, to having to kill, hunt and survive, to ultimately sacrificng her life-- and yet she kept her cheery mood. The only thing she had left at that point was Joel.

Watch the reveal trailer of "The Last Of Us 2"

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Losing him to anything would have broken Ellie and could have driven her to madness. However, if Joel perished in the hands of other people, Ellie could have been driven into a state of yearning for nothing but revenge. “I’m gonna find and I’m gonna kill every last one of them,” she said in the trailer.

Naughty Dog has not confirmed when “The Last Of Us 2” will be officially released into the market. However, several reports are estimating that the title will be released sometime in the latter part of 2017.