The Last Of Us II
"The Last Of Us 2" was revealed during PlayStation Experience in December 2016. Facebook/The Last Of Us Part II

“The Last of Us 2” release date will be some time in 2018, as reports have suggested. This gives way to a lot of fan theories including Ellie falling in love with someone.

The latest “The Last of Us 2” trailer released by developer Naughty Dog initiated a stew of speculations from fans. One of the most interesting theories that were given is Ellie falling in love. According to fan theories, Ellie may fall in love with a character that will be introduced in the upcoming sequel. Naughty Dog's writer, creative director and programmer Neil Druckmann has hinted that there will be another LGBT character included in the game sequel. This has many fans guessing that the new character may be a girl and that Ellie would fall in love with her.

Fans of the game already know that Ellie is part of the LGBT community of characters in video games. “The Last of Us” is a story driven by hate as Ellie seeks retribution for her lover who was murdered. It still is not known who killed her lover, but there is a possibility that the Fireflies were the ones to murder the lover.

Trailer hints anger and more deaths

The second trailer that was released by Naughty Dog suggested that Ellie may have to kill in the next sequel of the game. According to the Wolf Hall, there are posters around the room where Ellie was in. One of the posters had a clear word, “Theseus,” written on it. In Greek mythology, Theseus was famous for killing villains, Amazons and centaurs, according to However, Theseus was more than this as he required sacrifices to be able to defeat the Minotaur. This was done with the help of a lover who helps Theseus get out of the labyrinth the Minotaur was kept in.

The story of Theseus may tie in to Ellie’s story in the game with the idea of sacrifice. Ellie will try to save and protect others who are immune to the virus. In the trailer, it was asked of Ellie if she was going to go through with her idea. She replied, “I’m gonna find and I’m gonna kill every last one of them.” (See video below.)

Release date

“The Last of Us 2” may not see the light of 2017. However, according to a report, the game is speculated to be released in 2018.