The Last Of Us
"The Last Of Us" was released in 2013 by game developer Naught Dog. Facebook/The Last Of Us

There is a lot of anticipation and high expectations for “The Last Of Us 2,” largely because the original game was so well thought out and so beautifully developed. But as game developer Naughty Dog has been keeping most details under wraps, there is some time to recall how the story of Ellie and Joel first began, and a hidden epilogue that was not originally part of the game.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

In “The Last Of Us,” Joel and Ellie meet because he is tasked to safely transport her to a group of rebels called the Fireflies. During the earlier scenes, Joel finds out that Ellie is immune from the infection that has been taking over humanity and turning people into zombie-like creatures. Ellie says that she might be the key to the cure, and that the Fireflies need her to open that door.

So Joel and Ellie begin on their journey and they find that the Fireflies headquarters they keep being pointed to are empty and devoid of the rebel group. As Joel and Ellie struggle to find them, they become close and start to consider each other as family. For Joel that lost his daughter and for Ellie that lost her mother, finding each other was a breath of fresh air that was not initially welcome.

When they finally find the Fireflies, Joel is told that Ellie needs to undergo surgery so that the Fireflies can examine her brain. Joel, realizing that Ellie needs to die for the cure, decides to kill every Firefly in that building and save Ellie, despite her willingness to die for the cause. When she regains her consciousness, Joel tells her that the Fireflies failed in their efforts to find a cure and that she was no longer needed.

It is not clearly stated whether or not Ellie believes Joel, but players of the game have noted how she looks doubtful when told. Naughty Dog then hosted an event in 2014 called “The Last Of Us: One Night Live.” The game developer showed an epilogue that proved Ellie and Joel’s relationship had not faltered, the details of which were provided in a NeoGAF forum.

In the short enactment, Troy Baker (who voiced Joel) tells Ashley Johnson (who voiced Ellie) that he is being convinced to marry someone in the encampment they live in. Ellie seems disinterested and distant, perhaps from the events described above, and only warms to Joel after he plays the guitar for her and makes a joke. “What’s the downside of eating a clock?” he asks. “It’s time-consuming.” The two laugh and Joel hands Ellie his guitar and promises her that he will teach her how to use it. Druckmann then clarified a few details via a Twitter post, which can be seen below.

“The Last Of Us 2” has no official release date yet, but it is expected that Naughty Dog will release more telling videos within the next few months. It is unlikely, however, that the game developer will launch the game within the year.


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