'The Last kingdom'
A picture of David Dawson as Alfred from "The Last Kingdom" TV series. Facebook/ The Last Kingdom

The kingdom of Wessex and all the other kingdoms under the protection of Alfred are at stake, as the Viking brothers make their next move. It is up to Uhtred, once again, to rescue the kingdom from certain destruction. The following article contains spoilers.

Episode 7 began with the Saxon army returning to their camp, only to discover that Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) was right. The Vikings had ransacked the place, and left many dead. Beocca (Ian Hart) gets emotional upon finding his wife unharmed. But, Aethelflaed (Millie Brady) is nowhere to be seen.

The Viking brothers take Aethelflaed to their fortress in Beamfleot. Meanwhile, the Saxon army marches back to report to Alfred (David Dawnson). Uhtred, however, decides to not see the king yet. The Dane and his warriors take a different road.

Back in Wessex, Aethelred (Toby Regbo) claims credit for taking Lundun, and conveniently blames his wife’s “stubbornness” for her capture. He also hints at how Uhtred is also partly to blame.

Uhtred, sends his men to spy on the Viking brothers, and report on the wellbeing of Alfred’s daughter. After getting news about her being alive, he sets out to meet the king and break the news.

Alfred decides to send envoys to negotiate with the Viking brothers. Aethelred is chosen to represent the kingdom of Mercia. The king sends Uhtred as a representative of Wessex, after a lot of hesitation.

Meanwhile, Erik (Christian Hillborg) grows fond of Aethelflaed. After the mistreatment the king’s daughter suffered from her husband, she too starts to reciprocate this Viking’s feeling of affection. This mutual attraction grows to new heights every day, and by the time the Saxons party arrives for the negotiations; this relationship has already matured.

Uhtred settles the terms with the Viking brothers, even though the price agreed upon is too big for Wessex and Mercia to pay. Aethelred gets humiliated again, with a Dane punching him in the face and putting him to sleep. The king’s son-in-law is made to sleep naked with the pigs, and by the time he wakes the negotiations are complete.

After the negotiations, Uhtred and Erik go to see Aethelflaed. It is here that the warrior confirms his fears about the Viking brother having fallen for the king’s daughter. His concerns grown when he learns that Alfred’s daughter also has the same feelings.

Uhtred explains to Aethelflaed that she and Erik are from two different worlds, and they can’t be together. But, the king’s daughter is adamant, and she asks the Dane to help her and the Viking escape. The response to this request is not revealed in “The Last Kingdom” season 2 episode 7, but if the young warrior agrees; it may save Wessex and at the same time further strain his relationship with the king.