'The Last Kingdom'
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Alfred’s mistrust of Uhtred will cost him dearly in “The Last Kingdom” season 2 episode 6. The Viking brothers face off against the Saxons in their first big battle, the consequences of which will be felt for a long time to come. The following article contains spoilers.

The episode began with Aethelred (Toby Regbo) approaching Uhtred (Alxander Dreymon) just before his wedding. It is no secret that the two characters are not fond of each other. They exchange heated words, but when the Saxon insults the Dane’s wife, things take a dangerous turn with Uhtred putting a knife to the young lord’s throat. Good sense finally prevails and they part ways.

While Aethelred wants nothing but to kill Uhtred, his man reminds him that he needs to be ambitious, and think about becoming the king of all of Wessex. For that, Aethelred needs Alfred (David Dawson) to be dead. The Dane is a powerful warrior who can be used when the time comes.

That opportunity comes soon enough, as Alfred learns of the Viking brothers taking Lundun. Uhtred shares this information after Aethelred’s wedding to Alfred’s daughter. Meanwhile Beocca (Ian Hart) marries Uhtred’s sister in “The Last Kingdom” season 2 episode 6.

Upon learning of the Viking brothers taking over Lundu, and their plan to stage more attacks from there, Alfred decides to negotiate with them. He sends Uhtred and Aethelred to negotiate the price for the brothers to leave.

Aethelred proves to be inept at the negotiation, just as he is unfit to be a husband. He is jealous of his wife for praising Uhtred, and accuses her of being with other men before marriage. He asks Beocca to perform a test to prove she was pure at the time of marriage. The priest prepares the ritual, but doesn’t do through with it, and declares her purity.

After failing to get the Viking brothers to leave, the Saxons plan to attack Lundun. However, Alfred doesn’t trust Uhtred, and asks him to leave, while the rest of the men plan the attack. However, in the end the attack happens with the Dane, but under the command of Aethelred.

The final battle sequence in “The Last Kingdom” season 2 episode 6 is one of the best on the show so far. The Saxon armies enter Lundun to find it empty. The Viking brothers were anticipating a battle, so they prepared to attack the camps while their enemies attempt to take the city. The meager forces left in the camp are no match for the brothers. Uhtred’s sister and Aethelred’s wife run for their lives, as men get slaughtered all around them.