The Last Guardian
"The Last Guardian" will launch in 2016. PlayStation

After its reveal, a few teasers, a no-show in some events and a revival at the E3 2015, the release date has finally been confirmed for “The Last Guardian.” What’s even better is that the game will be debuting on the PS4 this year.

“The Last Guardian” had been a long-time coming since first hints of the game had been released back in 2007 for the PS3. Now, after so many plans and pull-outs, it appears that more announcement will come in time for the E3 2016, CNet reported.

Sony Australia has also confirmed with Kotaku that “The Las Guardian” will be released this year, though no specific month was given. The timeline does not appear impossible especially since there have already been hands-on instances made possible for some media outlets. IGN was able to have a firsthand experience of the game.

As per the report, the theme of trust is what catches the main attention of players. Not only is the character thrust into the world without any memory of what transpired before, the meaning of the markings on the character’s arm or even what the chimera-like beast named Trico is doing beside him.

Interestingly, once the character leaves the cave where the game starts off, this is where the entire world of “The Last Guardian” expands—and where deeper discoveries about Trico begin. It seems that Trico can fire lightning from its tail. And just by wielding a mirror in any direction, the character can make use of Trico’s ability as if it were at his command.

“I believe things are more attractive when there’s a bit of oddness to them, rather than something being normal and appearing to be generally acceptable. The thing can be said about Trico’s appearance,” said Game Director Fumito Ueda to Edge, as quoted by GamesRadar.

Hopefully, Sony will showcase some more details at E3 2016. The company has yet to announce if any footage will be revealed then.