Meet Jeni and Ray Bonell. They may sound just like a normal couple, but the truth is they have 15 children under their care, making them the largest family in Australia.

Forty-two-year-old Jeni, together with 43-year-old hubby Ray, has been living what many would say a chaotic life, but for them, it is a joyous everyday living with a total of 15 kids, according to Woman's Day. The mum, Jeni, confessed that she is a Barbie doll collector and joked about being a collector too of children, in an obvious note. Their Queensland home is made up of seven bedrooms.

Their children are composed of Jesse (21), Brooke (20), Claire (18), Natalie (16), Karl (15), Samuel (13), Cameron (11), Sabrina (10), Timothy (8), Brandon (6), Eve (5), Nate (4), Rachel (3), Eric (18 mos) and their newest addition is a three-month-old baby named Damian.

Jeni added that if there's one thing that is such an advantage with having numerous children is that you won't feel the need for a babysitter. This is all due to the fact their entire family works as a team to get everything done. The chores are distributed according to rosters that are colour coded. When their child turns eight years old, they are already aware that they need to help around the home.

Other Big Families From Around The World

The Bonell Family from the land of Down Under is not unique if compared with other huge families from other parts of the world. Ziona Chana lives in Mizoram, India with a total of 39 wives with whom he had 94 children and 33 grandkids, Daily Mail UK reported.

On the other hand, a site called Before It's News came up with a list of the top 10 largest families in the world. Surprisingly, it includes the famous Kardashian-Jenner clan ranked at number 8.

The one who ranked first in the list is a classic family called Vassilyev. The matriarch has given birth to 69 kids who include 16 twins and 7 triplet sets. There were followed by another classic family called Albina who have 64 children and they live in a shack in Chile made up of two rooms.

How about you? How many are you in the family? Do you think having a large family means more fun or more chaos?

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