Reality TV star Kylie Jenner has found a way to turn controversy into gold. After months of being embroiled in issues about her temporary lip fillers and extremely puffy lips, she has launched a new product line that can help her fans achieve her puffy pout through what she calls the Lip Kit by Kylie.

“After two long years of dreaming about this, I am so excited to finally share my lip kit with you guys,” said Jenner in the products’s new website. The product line was officially released on Tuesday but has been announced way back in August.

“The Kylie Lip Kit is a collection of shades and products I handpicked with an amazing team to design the perfect ‘Kylie lip,’” she continued. The lip kits come in pairs of lip lines and tubes of liquid lipstick. It comes in three shades called “Candy K,” “True Brown” and “Dolce K.”

Now that the line is available, fans can see for themselves if Kim Kardashian’s claims that Jenner’s makeup expertise is all one needs to achieve the perfect pouty look is real. Earlier this year, amid growing speculations, Jennery finally admitted in an episode of “Keeping Up wIth The Kardashians” that she has in fact been using temporary fillers to help plump up her lips.

The admission came after the dangerous “Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge” exploded on the Internet. Jenner’s fans started to use all kinds of home remedies to achieve her pout, with many of them ending up injured. Jenner spoke up about the challenge and discouraged her fans from going through crazy lengths just to copy her.

With Jenner's new Lip Kit out, fans can now safely attempt to emulate her style. Unfortunately though, according to the website, the products are now sold out just hours after the launch. Those who were unable to catch the first wave of products will have to wait until the Lip Kit becomes available again.

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