Kim, Khloe and Kendall Encourage Kylie Jenner To Admit Having Lip Fillers On 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians'

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[7:32] Kylie Jenner arrives at the Teen Choice Awards 2014 in Los Angeles
IN PHOTO: Kylie Jenner arrives at the Teen Choice Awards 2014 in Los Angeles, California August 10, 2014. Reuters/Danny Moloshok

This week’s episode of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” finally reveals the truth behind Kylie Jenner’s luscious plump lips. In the wake of the controversial “Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge,” Kylie owns up to having lip fillers and her sisters also speak out about physical enhancements and insecurity.

Kim, Khloe and Kendall meet up and talk about some photos of their younger sister Kylie that have surfaced online. Kim says that after she got lip fillers, her lips look great and have totally changed her life. She also says that Kylie had always been speaking about having insecurities due to her thin lips.

Kendall says that she thinks the fillers looked great when she first got them but they just look too big now. Kim says that perhaps the reason behind it is how Kylie still overdraws her lips with lipliner and lipstick even after getting temporary fillers. Not only that, she appears to be plumping them up even more when she takes photos. Khloe tells Kim to talk to Kylie just to make sure that she does not to go overboard with the fillers.

Later in the show, Kylie goes to the launch of her hair extension line but gets grilled about her lips by some reporters. Khloe helps her feel better but she says that she doesn’t feel uncomfortable talking about her lips and what she did to enhance them. The same thing happens during her Teen Vogue and Remix Magazine interview where she and the writers tiptoe around the lip issue.

With Kylie neither confirming nor denying the issue, Kim finds herself in a rough spot when she is asked about Kylie’s lips. She and Khloe agree that they can’t lie about it and that it would be better for Kylie to just own up to it.

Kim decides to speak to Kylie and help her feel more comfortable about the whole situation. She sits her down with Kendall and tells her not to worry about revealing her insecurity. She says that it’s no big deal to own up to getting the enhancement done if it makes her feel better and more confident.  Kendall says that in fact, she thinks that no one in the family needs to get any work done because they are all beautiful.

Kim encourages Kylie to do what makes her happy but don’t go overboard and own up to it. Eventually, Kylie owns up to having lip fillers in a video clip released last week ahead of the show. She states that she didn’t want to speak up because of he every move gets picked apart by the media. However, with the help of her sisters and their support, she finally found the courage to speak up and be proud of her new look.

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