Kylie Jenner and Tyga are back just a day after their breakup and Kylie appears to be more confident than ever about her relationship as she admitted that she can marry her boyfriend Tyga.

Kylie said “yes” on being asked if she and Tyga were going to get married, in a video by TMZ. The couple proved that all was well in their paradise as they appeared completely in love at the recent American Music Awards. To put the rumours to rest, Kylie even uploaded a Snapchat post, which featured the couple holding hands, with the caption “Everyone needs to chill.”

The couple was spotted at Justin Bieber's AMA afterparty as well in Los Angeles on Sunday. Jenner was seen in a white House of CB dress at the party.

"They're very much back on. Kylie and Tyga were definitely affectionate, kissing and holding hands. They were nuzzling at their table and being super engaged with each other," a source told People. However, Kylie's close pals have a different story to tell.

"Kylie keeps throwing everybody off, including all of their friends. In theory, they're kind of done and not going to be together, but then she'll go and post a Snapchat of them holding hands. Everybody's super confused by it. There's not really an answer one way or another, but without question, the ball is in her court. Things are definitely shaky," People quoted a friend of Jenner.

The reports of their breakup emerged a few days back when Jenner was found nowhere at Tyga’s birthday bash. Jenner, 18, reportedly caught the “Rack City” hitmaker lying and talking to other girls behind her back and she was planning to erase him from her memory. However, the source has revealed that Jenner chose to go back to Tyga as he begged for her forgiveness stating that everything was just a misunderstanding and he was misinterpreted.

Instead of accepting or denying the reports of their on-again, off-again relationship, Jenner took to Instagram to post a photograph and captioned it “Chaos.”



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