The late rocker Kurt Cobain is probably laughing in his grave because his old olive green sweater was sold for $137,500 (AU$194,000). It went under the hammer at Julien’s Live auction in Los Angeles. Cobain wore the sweater during his famous "MTV Unplugged" appearance on Nov. 18, 1993 in New York City. He committed suicide by gunshot on April 5, 1994 and shocked the world. He was at the peak of his career.

So, what’s great about Cobain's moth-eaten cardigan? According to Julien's, it’s dirty, has a missing button, cigarette burns and a stain. But the jumper is most associated with Kurt and he wore it at a very important moment. The sweater, donated by a close family friend of the Cobains, was expected to fetch $56,600 to $84,900 and is made of lycra, mohair and acrylic. Needless to say, it has exceeded all expectations.

The "Icons and Idols 2015: Rock n' Roll (#11615)" auction at Julien’s Live, also included Jimi Hendrix’s favourite bracelet, several jackets belonging to Michael Jackson and items from John Lennon, Freddy Mercury and Madonna. The said auction was closed on Saturday. The identity of the buyer of Cobain's cardigan is unknown.

This is not the first time that Kurt fans have gone gaga over his belongings. Sky News reports that his striped nightshirt that he wore during a performance at Speedy O’Tubbs Rhythmic Underground in 1988, was also sold on eBay for $4,247.

Kurt Cobain was an American rock music artist who is best known as the vocalist, guitarist and lead songwriter of the band Nirvana. He is remembered as one of the most influential rock artists in the history of alternative music.

The "MTV Unplugged" show saw Cobain in a new light as he was completely lost in his songs during his performances. However, Cobain was not entirely unplugged. His guitar was plugged to an amplifier, but it is not visible to viewers, according to MTV.

The singer even refused the producer’s request for an encore as he strongly felt that his final song, Leadbelly’s “Where Did You Sleep Last Night,” is the perfect ending. The song is regarded by many as one of Cobain’s best performances. The audio version of the "MTV Unplugged in New York" was released on Nov. 1, 1994, after Kurt’s death. It reached the top position in the Billboard 200 across the globe and sold 310,500 copies.

Source: YouTube/ NirvanaVEVO

Source: YouTube/ Uriel Velasco Gonzalez

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