Kremlin claims US guilty of making Russia a "ritual sacrifice"

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Russian President Vladimir Putin (front) chairs a meeting with members of the All-Russian People's Front movement at the Novo-Ogaryovo state residence outside Moscow, Russia, November 27, 2015. Reuters/Alexei Druzhinin/Sputnik/Kremlin

A Kremlin spokesman has called out politicians from the United States on making Moscow a "ritual sacrifice." Furthermore, Russia also remains defiant against sanctions from the European Union, claiming such decisions will not force the country to abandon its approaches.
Spokesman Dmitry Peskov expressed regret how the relations between the two countries have progressed throughout election debates.
According to the official, Western politicians are guilty of "slaughtering” Russia during elections debate/battle.
“As for the statements made by a US presidential candidate, the Russian side has repeatedly emphasised that we would prefer our nation and its bilateral relations with the United States not to be slaughtered in the elections battle or used as some sort of a ritual sacrifice in elections debate. We can only express our regret over this issue,” said Peskov to journalists on Monday over requests to comment on the statement of Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush (via RT).
“[President] Putin is consistently engaged in protecting the interests of the Russian Federation across the globe. This is all Putin is busy with,” added the rep. Previously, Bush referred to Russian President Vladimir Putin as a "bully" and a "dictator" on his interview with CBS. The presidential hopeful also ruled out alliance with Putin, further accusing the Russian official of organising global opposition to the West.
“We're losing influence around the world, and Putin is gaining influence,” said Bush.
On top of remaining at odds with Bush's claims, Moscow also emphasised its defiance to the sanctions imposed by the EU. The Russian Foreign Ministry said that EU is wrong to think such decisions will change the country's approach to its foreign policy.
"It is obvious that the European Union lacks logic in its behaviour trying to ‘punish’ Russia for what is beyond its capacities but what the European Union was behind," said the Ministry via Tass. The EU is citing non-fulfilment of the Minsk agreements as basis for the sanctions. Russia also said that the situation should take a turn should the EU decide to work with Kiev through the proper implementation of of the Minsk package under the approval of the United Nations Security Council resolution 2202. Moscow also called the extension of the sanctions as hypocritical.
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