Cast member Kit Harington poses at the premiere for the third season of the television series "Game of Thrones"
Cast member Kit Harington poses at the premiere for the third season of the television series "Game of Thrones" in Hollywood, California March 18, 2013. The third season debuts on HBO on March 31. REUTERS/Mario Anzuon REUTERS/Mario Anzuon

"Game of Thrones" star Kit Harington appears to be regretting now his decision of keeping a long hairstyle for his on-screen character Jon Snow in the hit HBO TV series. The 28-year-old English actor recently admitted in an interview that he has screwed himself over by agreeing to retain his long hair for "Game of Thrones."

According to a report, "Game of Thrones" cast member Natalie Dormer, who portrays character Margaery Tyrell, recently called actor Kit Harington an "idiot" for agreeing to keep his hair long while the female cast members wear wigs during filming. "I know, how the f**k did they do that? I screwed myself over there," Harington stated after Metro reminded the actor of Natalie Dormer's comment.

However, the heartthrob English actor claimed that he can most likely change his appearance. "I don't want the bother of it all really. If you look a certain way or you have a certain look it dominates what people think you are. So I'll cut it off quite soon. As soon as I'm allowed," Harington explained.

Kit Harington's new movie project titled "Testament Of Youth" had the actor sport a shorter hairstyle. Since the actor is on contract when it comes to his long hairstyle, Kit Harington had to wear a wig while filming his scenes as character Roland Leighton in "Testament Of Youth."

The upcoming film, based on the First World War memoir written by Vera Brittain, tells the story of the horrors of life both on the front and family members left behind at home as they worry for their loved ones. "The idea of leaving your girlfriend and maybe never seeing them is something, thankfully, I haven't experienced. Even soldiers nowadays... there's a much greater chance they'll come home than then," Harington shared in a Radio Times interview.

The English actor further talked about his upcoming film in the interview particularly on patriotism and the changes that happened. "There's a part in Testament of Youth where their head teacher is saying, 'Do your duty for honour, for your country' and that's what they were taught. We don't have that now, we're far more cynical," Haringtons hared.

Kit Harington added people nowadays look at their nation and duty in a different way and he does not really believe in patriotism since he thinks there is none of it at the moment. "I believe in western ideals but I don't believe in the idea of King and country. I'm not anti-monarchy - I like the monarchy, thoroughly nice guys - but I don't really believe in flying the flag," the actor explained.

"Testament Of Youth" also stars Alicia Vikander as Vera Brittain, Hayley Atwell, Dominic West, Colin Morgan, Emily Watson and Taron Egerton. The film is scheduled to be released in cinemas on Jan. 16, 2015.

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