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“Kingdom Hearts” is arguably one of Square Enix’s most popular role-playing games. As such, fans are itching to get word on the upcoming release of “Kingdom Hearts 3.”

The Xbox version of “Kingdom Hearts 3” is currently listed on the Japanese Xbox Store, which has lead many to believe that the game will be available for pre-order soon. However, there is still no official notice about when when the game will be officially released or when it will be available for purchase.

Likewise, there are hardly any confirmed facts about “Kingdom Hearts 3.” In compensation, there have been plenty of rumours and guesses about the game. A great number of players are hoping Square Enix will finally allow control of Kairi, who has been with the series since the very first installment.

The hope of a Kairi-controlled “Kingdom Hearts” game has been around for years, from when the character was first seen wielding a Keyblade in a teaser for “Kingdom Hearts 2.” However, actual game play revealed that Kairi was only holding the Keyblade in a particular scene.

Nevertheless, that same hope has been growing and growing. In “Kingdom Hearts 2.8,” a new character was introduced -- Aqua, the first official woman who was also a Keyblade holder. Moving forward to “Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep,” players saw Kairi touch Aqua’s weapon, thereby making her the inheritor of Aqua’s Keyblade.

The groundwork for the story has been laid out, and Square Enix just needs to pick up the pieces. However, one particular fan of the game could not wait for the game developer to explore this possibility any longer. In lieu of the same, Nicky Lee has produced his own version of the game, entitled “Kingdom Hearts: Destiny Islands.”

Lee’s version of the game stars Kairi, who wields her very own Keyblade. A teaser for the game includes scenes from earlier iterations of “Kingdom Hearts,” partnered with new game footage. It was created via Unreal Engine 4.

Watch: "Kingdom Hearts: Destiny Islands" gameplay

YouTube/Niko Skipz

The official release date of "Kingdom Hearts 3" is still undisclosed but is expected to be unveiled soon.