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Sora; the protagonist of the "Kingdom Hearts" series. kingdom hearts official website

To the delight of fans everywhere, Square Enix has recently release a new trailer for “Kingdom Hearts 3,” as well as “Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue.” The video, which can be seen below, shows plenty of gameplay in action, though it doesn’t reveal any new Disney characters that might be appearing in the game.

When Square Enix originally announced “Kingdom Hearts 2.8,” fans were curious as to what type of game it would be. It turns out that it’s actually another “Kingdom Hearts” re-release, similar to the ones that came out on the PS3.

Of course, this isn’t just another re-release of the first two titles that came out on the PS2. Destructoid has confirmed that “Kingdom Hearts 2.8” is a high-definition remake of “Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance,” which originally came out on the 3DS.

Like the previous collections of the game, it will also have a collection of cut-scenes, though they won’t be coming from any specific “Kingdom Hearts” spinoff games. Unlike the previous collections, which came out on the PS3, this one is exclusive to the PS4 only.

The trailer is five minutes long and showcases plenty of gameplay for both “Kingdom Hearts 2.8” and “Kingdom Hearts 3.” Since “Kingdom Hearts 2.8” is an HD remake of “Dream Drop Distance” it looks and plays similarly to the original games, while “Kingdom Hearts 3” looks radically different, while also keeping some of the enemies from previous installations.

It seems like “Kingdom Hearts 3” will be adding plenty of new gameplay elements, as the trailer below shows that Sora can get affected by the environment during battle. The trailer also shows one section where Sora, Donald and Goofy ride a large vehicle and start shooting enemies into oblivion, which looks very entertaining.

However, GameSpot pointed out that the game continues to not have a release date. It seems like Square Enix will be keeping fans busy with “Kingdom Hearts 2.8,” which has a vague 2016 release date, while the development team continue to work on the third game.

In the mean time, fans can purchase the “Kingdom Hearts” collections on PS3. The first one features the 1.5 remix of the first game and “Chain of Memories,” while the second one features the direct sequel to the first game, as well as the “Birth by Sleep” prequel that came out on the PlayStation Portable.


Source:YouTube/Kingdom Hearts

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