Reality TV Queen Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian might get pregnant again soon as she did the nude photo shoot before she starts putting on the pregnancy weight. Reuters/Danny Moloshok

Kim Kardashian West shot to fame and notoriety way back in 2007 when her sex tape with former flame Ray J got leaked in the internet. Many years have passed and millions of dollars have been earned between them separately, but their names are still often brought together through varying circumstances. This time around, the former lovers are not only being brought together by the media but apparently through their own actions. If reports hold true, it seems that Ray J is buying a mansion on the same street as Kim and Kanye's new home.

Kim and Kanye along with their baby North West are finally moving out of Kris Jenner's house this month and into the Hidden Hills mansion they purchased last summer. The pair have been living with Kris Jenner for about two years and have since bought a Bel-Air Mansion that they eventually decided to just renovate and sell for a profit. They later bought the Hidden Hills home, which is in the same neighbourhood as Kris Jenner.

TMZ reports that Kim won't just be living close to her mom but but she might soon be neighbours with her ex-sex tape partner. The showbiz website reported that Ray J had been spotted checking out a house just eight doors down from Kim and Kanye's place. The house had French windows and a grey roof and lies on the same street as Kim's new love nest with her rapper husband. According to the report, the property includes three horse stalls.

The report further states that Ray J had already issues a check worth $2.7 million to hold the property in escrow. Ray's business manager David Weintraub was spotted with the singer when he went to see the house last Friday. Ray J told TMZ that he isn't moving to the area to be close to Kim but explained that it was actually his neighbourhood and he had lived there long before Kim did.

No comment has been made from Kim's camp, but she is said to be excited to finally be moving into her own home after two years of camping out with her mom. While she has been vocal about the benefits of living with Kris, there had also been some disadvantages. Last year, she had some problems celebrating her daughter's first birthday party because she didn't have a house of her own and Kris Jenner didn't want to have the party at her house. Kim went behind her sister Kourtney's back to hold it in her new house instead. The party almost got cancelled when Kourtney found out but Kim explained her frustration with her situation and Kourtney gave in. Now that renovations to the new home ahve been completed, the West family will finally be able to move into their own place. The Hidden Hills mansion reportedly worth $20 million will be the first home that the West family will be calling their own since the couple got married in May 2013.

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