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The latest episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” was, as most episodes are, laden with drama. This time, however, it was eldest sister Kourtney Kardashian that got hot-headed and began the whole feud with her only brother, Rob Kardashian.

The episode, which aired on Aug. 21 in the US, saw the debut of Chymojis -- the set of emojis released by Blac Chyna, Rob’s fiancee. One of the emojis, as noted by Mirror UK, is of Blac slapping another girl, who Kourtney believed to be her youngest sister, Kylie Jenner.


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Kourtney correspondingly confronted Rob about it. At first, Rob simply asked his sister why she cared that Blac had released a set of emojis. “I don’t care that she has them, I care that she has one of Kylie.”

The fight ended with Rob threatening to reveal how he had “the worst most unsupportive disgusting family.”

Kim Kardashian stepped in to play the peacemaker between her siblings then. She convinced Rob to visit their mother Kris’ house, where they both got Kourtney on the phone. "I called you over here because I just wanted to get Kourt on the phone for a second because I feel like your fight with her... obviously you guys should talk about it," Kim said.

The call was, overall, a good one to make as Kourtney eventually apologised for the assumptions that she made. On his part, Rob accepted her apology. “We don’t need to be fighting over something that’s so petty,” he said as he put the whole debacle behind them.

But where was Kylie during this whole issue, especially since it was supposedly her that the emoji resembled?

As Hollywood Life adds, Kylie did not even think that the emoji was about her. “I really think it’s this girl that she hates that she had a public fight with,” she said when Kourtney asked whether or not the emoji made Kylie mad. Moreover, Kylie went straight to Blac to settle things, as opposed to harbouring potential ill-feelings.

“I spoke to Chyna and I really don’t think the emojis were about me,” Kylie said.

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