Kim Kardashian arrives at the Teen Choice Awards 2014 in Los Angeles, California August 10, 2014.
Kim Kardashian arrives at the Teen Choice Awards 2014 in Los Angeles, California August 10, 2014. REUTERS/Danny Moloshok

Kim Kardashian was the inspiration. A beautiful, "peep-toe bootie" in Giuseppe Zanotti's latest creation was a creation that was fuelled by her. Called Mrs. West, the shoe is part of the Italian designer's Rock 'n' Roll line. This black stiletto was first made in 2012 and "has an oversized metal hardwear in the front," according to E. Zanotti is reportedly very close to the Wests.

Giuseppe Zanotti is celebrating his 20th anniversary. His Rock 'n'Roll collection has come out with five updated editions of his brand's interesting creations. He has made many strappy sandals and sneakers and last year, with his Grammy Award rapper friend, he had created a completely white heel named Cruel Summer, after the rapper had released his latest album.

During the launch of his second capsule, Rock 'n' Roll, in last week's presentation in Milan, he explains his work at length. Check out the awesome inspiration that has powered his work in

His fascination for "rocker chic" is clear. Describing it as a blend of a tough and feminine look, Giuseppe realizes that his brand's main icon is the distinctive style. "This peep-toe bootie was created for Kim upon Kanye's advice, while visiting my factory in San Mauro Pascoli. This is the first shoe Kanye had made for Kim, before they got married," said Guiseppe. In a musing, reflective retrospect of his 20th anniversary of his brand, Zanotti remembers the creation. He wrote that he created four micro-capsules, each one representing a piece of his DNA. Obviously, Mrs West, a slice of his DNA, was the inspirational lady behind the design.

Rock'N'Roll shows 5 models: The first was MJ designed in 2002, inspired by Michael Jackson. This was followed by Trapt, a gladiator-boot in the very next year. In 2008, a stiletto Decarnin was created. In 2009, the see-through boots, Muse was his creation. Finally, MRS. West was made in 2012 for Kim Kardashian, according to Vogue.

Apart from Kim, there is only one other celebrity that inspired him. Michael Jackson's MJ, "a caged heel with silver hard wear detailing," according to E. "It was a great privilege to have known and collaborated with such an iconic star," he says. In fact, that inspiration was continuous and went on continuously, numerous times.

If you are interested in his new inspiration, you could wait to pick them off the shelves this December in Giuseppe Zanotti boutiques.