Beauty Trends Made Viral By TikTok

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Beauty Trends Made Viral By TikTok
Beauty Trends Made Viral By TikTok Unsplash

TikTok is the cause for many viral trends, among them are beauty trends and beauty products. From green nail polish to how to draw eyeliner perfectly every time, here are some of the top beauty trends made viral by TikTok.

Tissue Eyeshadow

Two things you would never have coupled together. Using a wad of tissue and dipping it into fun and bright colors, it should create a fun tie-dyed effect on your eyelids. Surprisingly, it works as intended. While not suitable for everyday wear, especially if you work a corporate job, it can be a quirky party look.

Blood Masque

While not as eerie or gross as implied, The Ordinary’s AHA + BHA peeling mask is said to look like blood, especially when smeared in dollops all over your face. However, this peeling mask has been met with rave reviews, with beauty enthusiasts all over the world talking about how much better their skin texture has gotten. A word of warning, it isn’t something that should be used on a frequent basis, plus it stings.

Perfect Eyeliner

Applying eyeliner has to be one of the most challenging makeup skills to master, but in a viral video, a TikToker shared a hack that helps her draw her eyeliner on perfectly every time. Instead of going from the inner corner to the winged outer corner of your eye, you should start from the outer corner instead and swiping it inwards before connecting it in one smooth sweep.

The Q-Tip Lip

This one is easy, just put a q-tip between your lips before applying your lipstick and apply as usual. Once that’s done, remove the q-tip and you should have smudge-proof lips that won’t stain your teeth.


For frequent users of the app, they should be no stranger to the concept of slugging. Basically, ending their skincare routine by locking it in with an application of vaseline - make sure you only use a pea-sized amount, otherwise it will end up on your pillowcases and weigh down your face. Plus, it isn’t suitable for those with oily and congested skin because it works by locking in the skin barrier and keeping the active ingredients on your face.

CeraVe revived

TikTok is great at uncovering gems and CeraVe is one of them. An established brand that works wonders for sensitive and dry skin, CeraVe is seeing unprecedented growth in sales after going viral on TikTok..

Green Nails for Fall

Believed to have been caused by the pandemic and an anticlimactic summer, people are varnishing their nails with a traditionally springtime color into their fall OOTDs. Green pastels or mints are working quite well with the warm palette of autumn and it’s here to stay.

While there are plenty of tried and tested beauty methods and products on TikTok, there are some that can go horribly wrong . If something feels invasive or doesn’t sit right with you, always make sure to do a bit more research before applying it on your skin. A DIY microneedling session left one Big Brother contestant scarred. She tried to create fake freckles on her face with sewing needles and ink which resulted in a horrible infection that has left her with discoloration in her cheeks. 

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