Reality TV Queen Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian might get pregnant again soon as she did the nude photo shoot before she starts putting on the pregnancy weight. Reuters/Danny Moloshok

Kim Kardashian may have been denied entry into India last week, but the United Arab Emirates have welcomed her with open arms. The jet-setting star was supposed to head to India after starting a three-point tour to launch her new fragrance but due to visa issues, she ended up heading straight to the Emirates to enjoy the yacht life and the sand dunes.

Kim flew straight to Dubai from Melbourne last Thursday and immediately showed appreciation for the Middle Eastern city by saying how happy she is to be back. Having a couple of days off due to her visa mishap for India, Kim made lemonade out of her lemons and enjoyed it on the deck of a yacht with her friends.

Soon after arriving in Dubai, Kim shared a photo on her Instagram site featuring herself posing with her friends aboard a yacht. Kim was also joined by Hollywood star Michelle Rodriguez. Kim even made a pun about her family's series of reality shows. She posed for a photo while sunning herself on the yacht with her friend Carla DiBello. She then captioned the photo: "Kim and Carla Take Dubai." Incidentally, Carla had actually worked as a producer in some of the family's popular reality shows.

After enjoying the water, Kim then went on to experience some desert adventures at the dunes. The reality star and business mogul enjoyed some off-road activities with her friends which she said almost gave her a heart attack . She posted a photo of a red 4x4 out in the dunes doing a wheelie with its front tires far off the ground. She captioned the photo: "Riding dirty in the desert!!! Thanks @altber@carladibello for giving me a heart attack!!!!"

Kim was supposed to have been in India for a few days for the launch event of her new perfume Fleur Fatale. Apart from that she was also scheduled to make a guest appearance in "Bigg Boss 8" which is India's version of popular reality show franchise "Big Brother." Her visa didn't come through after she was left with too little time to comply with some visa procedures in the United States. Despite the speed bump, Kim made it to the United Arab Emirates with time to spare to enjoy some down time with her friends both in Dubai and in Abu Dhabi. She held the launch event for Fleur Fatale at the Parfum Monde in Dubai last night and is scheduled to host dinner tonight at Toko Japanese Restaurant in Vida Downtown.