Kim Kardashian Adoption Update: Real Reason Why She Was Not Allowed to Adopt Young Thai Girl

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TV Personality Kim Kardashian Holds Her Baby in Her Arms as She Shops in Paris
TV personality Kim Kardashian holds her baby in her arms as she shops in Paris, May 20, 2014. Reuters

Kim Kardashian revealed that while in Thailand for a family vacation, she fell in love with a young girl called Pink whom she wants to adopt. Despite Kim's good intentions, it turns out that she won't be allowed to adopt the girl and no, it's not because her husband Kanye West opposes the move.

In this week's episode of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," Kim is seen with the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan finally getting along and agreeing on activites to do during their trip to Thailand in direct contract to all the bickering over the itinerary in their first few days.

Iniala Resort's founder Mark Weinberg informed the family that there is an orphanage nearby and Kris arranges a small visit. The family stocked up on gifts such as pillows, Kardashian Kids Kollection merchandise as well as a bunch of toys and sports equipment.

While there, Kim found herself gravitating towards one child in particular called Pink whom she finds out is 12 years old. As Kim and the rest of the family were leaving the orphanage, Pink ran up to Kim to hand her a bracelet as a souvenir. Kim had complimented her on her bracelets earlier in the day and this prompted her to give one to Kim.

Kim Kardashian Reveals She Wants To Adopt A Little Girl

Later back in the resort, Kim discusses with Brody how she and her assistant have been researching on adoption and how else she can possibly help the child. Kim also informs Kris of her plans.

Later, Kris and Kim consult with Mark Weinberg about the idea. The resort's founder then drops the bad news and tells Kim that it is in fact not possible for her to adopt Pink as the rules for adopting children off Thailand are very strict. He explains that the government is very cautious because of human trafficking laws and how there are always doubts about the motivations that foreigners have for adopting Thai children.

Kim is devastated by the news but at the advice of Kris and Mark, the mother and daughter return to the orphanage to speak to its supervisor about how they can help without having to adopt the child. Kris suggests that they bring more gifts and essential needs that they see are lacking in the orphanage. They also decided to throw in a small pool where the children can splash around in. During their first visit, the family saw that the children play in a small muddy stream behind the orphanage and they were appalled by the conditions and decided that a pool would be a good gift for all of the children to enjoy.

All of the children and staff at the orphanage receive gifts but Kim gives Pink another special present which she says is a token of appreciation for the bracelet that the young girl had given her. Kim concludes that while she can't adopt the child, she can continue to reach out and help in other ways.

Kylie Jenner also had a profound moment after their visit where she stated that she feels overwhelmed about what she saw and realized how blessed she is and how people are unable to choose their circumstances in life and the situation upon which they are born.

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