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Blogger Perez Hilton arrives at the 2009 American Music Awards in Los Angeles, California November 22, 2009. Reuters/Danny Moloshok

Behind celebrity Ken Morley's eviction was a close-encounter with a mutiny. Ken Morley's racist comments cost him his place on the Celebrity Big Brother's house. However, a new report claims that his rude discriminatory comments nearly cost the whole show as the other members threatened to walk out of the show.

Daily Star UK reports that Ken Morley's 12 housemates threatened to stage a walkout unless he would be booted out. The housemates could not stand his abusive and racist language, and had he not been removed from the show, the other 12 would up and leave. Gossip blogger Perez Hilton and actress Nadia Sawalha led the pack of angry celebrity housemates and told the producers to "kick him out or we will go." The bosses were reluctant to remove Morley because they did not want to remove one more celebrity in just 48 hours after they have let go of one. However, the bosses did not have that much choice because if they would not listen to this eviction demand, the whole show would crumble as the other members walk out. The celebrities have already reportedly pack their bags when the eviction decision was made.

Daily Star UK claimed that a show insider said that if all the celebrities left, there is a possibility that the show would be doomed for good. "If they had all gone, it would have been the end of the show, probably for ever. There is no way that BB could have survived the shock of a mutiny of that order," the insider said.

Morley is accused of being both racist and sexist. The 71-year old reportedly ogle at other women celebrities' bottoms and make very rude comments twice on the duration of his stay at the house. On Jan. 12, he was evicted under the grounds of using "unacceptable and offensive language." Tuesday eviction has been cancelled as a result and lines for voting were closed. Those who have already voted were promised a refund.

When Morley was evicted, Perez Hilton and the rest of the gang were beyond elated. The celebrities claimed that they felt like they rid of cancer in the house with the eviction of Morley. Chloe Goodman and Cami Li, two of the women celebrities that Morley loved ogling at, were so happy that they hugged each other. Nadia also shared in the Diary Room that she really would have walked out of the house and even call the police if Morley was not evicted. She said that the just evicted celebrity made her ill and that she was just bottling up her tears because she does not want her kids to see her cry.