Britain's Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry's fiancee Meghan Markle
Britain's Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry's fiancee Meghan Markle attend the first annual Royal Foundation Forum held at Aviva in London, February 28, 2018. Reuters/Chris Jackson/Pool

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle will soon become sisters-in-law, but they are not close yet. According to a report, the two have not yet developed a close friendship, and that is just expected of them.

Meghan was said to have had her hen do last week in luxury spa Soho Farmhouse outside of London with her friends. The Duchess of Cambridge, however, was reportedly not in attendance, prompting speculations that the Prince Harry’s fiancée and Prince William’s wife are not getting along.

As they both were commoners who will be or already married into royalty, the two are already being compared to each other. Gossips are viciously claiming Kate and Meghan are competing for the title of the people’s princess. Some reports claim the opposite, though, saying that the two women have already begun turning to each other for support.

Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams told, however, that Kate and Meghan aren’t close friends yet, and that’s just normal. Their first official engagement together in a London forum earlier this month apparently showed “how well they can complement each other. They appeared on stage with William and Harry to talk about the Royal Foundation’s work.

Kate and Meghan seemed supportive of each other, nodding and listening while the other one was speaking. Fitzwilliams noted, however, that they are “very different and have very different destinies.”

Kate is married to William, the future king, while Meghan will be married to Harry, who will be bumped to being the sixth in line to the throne once his brother and sister-in-law welcome their third child next month. Kate, therefore, has a more reserved personality.

“Kate has the poise and charm and also the reserve that is appropriate for a future queen,” Fitzwilliams said. “Meghan brims over with confidence and of course is a big star in her own right. She has left her acting career to marry the person she loves, become the first American princess and to help others.”

Although Kate and Meghan aren’t close yet, they could be soon. As the royal commentator explained, opposites, like the two women, can form close friendships, and with William and Harry being close siblings, chances are high that they will also get on well. “They do not, of course, know each other well yet,” Fitzwilliams continued.

Meghan will marry Harry on May 19. Kate and William, on the other hand, will reportedly welcome their third child in late April.