Charles Spencer
Earl Charles Spencer brother of Diana, Princess of Wales, poses in front of family home at Althorp, near Northampton on June 28, 2001. Reuters/Reuters Photographer/FP/GB

The Duchess of Cambridge is reportedly appalled by the plans of Charles Spencer and wife Karen Gordon to transform Althorp Estate into a classy bed and breakfast.

A report by Daily Mail reveals that Earl Charles Spencer and his third wife has transformed Princess Diana’s home; even adding a bouncy castle for children to play in and a new memorial for Princess Diana. Guests would have to pay around £19,000 (approx. $33,000) for a weekend in the Estate.

Karen is now managing the 13,000-acre Northamptonshire estate, which also happens to be Princess Diana’s childhood home and final resting place. One can just imagine what it would be like to spend a night in the centuries old estate with all the portraits of ancestors and middle age furniture and architecture.

In the middle of a gallant dining room, where generations of Spencers have sat down for dinner, now lies an inflatable bouncy castle. This was added by Karen in her attempt to entertain children in the area, including Princess Charlotte. The unfitting children’s attraction in a respectable estate appears to be her approach in making the place more family oriented.

Althorp has been home to 19 generations of Spencers and is a fittingly grand ancestral home for one of England’s most prominent clans.

The Duchess, however, is reportedly repulsed with these plans. By shutting down the plans to transform Althorp, Kate is being protective of Princess Diana’s legacy. Her hair reportedly raises at the thought of the Canadian commoner Karen Gordon meddling with the Spencer’s properties, according to a post by Celebrity Dirty Laundry.

Just when Princes William and Harry had already healed the broken relationship with Earl Spencer, a new family feud ensues with the issue regarding Althorp Estate. Princess Diana’s sons are said to be equally disgusted by Charles’ plans for the family estate.

Kate Middleton even reportedly went as far as ordering Charles to discontinue his plans to turn Princess Diana’s childhood home into a shallow tourist attraction and restrain his wife.

Charles Spencer had already used Althorp Estate before for profit purposes. After the tragic death of Princess Diana, Charles opened the estate each spring to the public for tours.