Kate Middleton and husband Prince William was all smiles as they showed their fun and competitive sides while rock climbing in Wales.

The royal couple visited the Towers Residential Outdoor Education Centre in Wales on Friday, Nov. 20, where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge each took a turn at rock climbing. The two wore hard hats and red Mountain Rescue jacket as they each took turns going down and up a wall.

Prince William was the first who took up the challenge and abseiled down a 40 foot wall, while Princess Kate held onto her husband’s abseiling rope, according to Mirror. The Duchess of Cambridge even jokingly asked Prince William “how much do you love me?” while the heir to throne dangled on the side of wall.

The Duke of Cambridge even asked his wife “are you holding me?” as he traversed down the 40 foot wall. The royal mother of two enjoyed the moment as she assured her husband and told Prince William, “I’ve got you.”

She then laughingly mentioned to the instructors and reporters on-site that she’s “enjoying” the moment. "For once I'm in control,” she added.

After Prince William safely made it to the ground, Princess Kate also tried her hand at abseiling. She was anxious before going over the edge of the wall but was still all smiles as she jokingly said, "This is the Aggghhhhh moment."

Upon completing the challenge of rappelling down the wall, Princess Kate’s competitive spirit took over as she tried to follow her husband’s lead after he gamely climbed back up the wall. The Duchess of Cambridge explained, "Not that we're competitive but if he does that, then I'm having to do it too!"

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge previously lived in Wales while the Prince William was a RAF pilot. The couple now lives in Anmer Hall in Norfolk, but Princess Kate told reporters on-site that she misses Wales. "I love it here,” she said. "I really miss being here, being outside and in the mountains."

Meanwhile, the two are keen to give their children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, as much of an ordinary childhood as they can. During their Wales visit, the royal couple met with various groups including the local Girl Guides and scouts, where Princess Kate shared that she would like Princess Charlotte to sign up for the Girl Guide’s youngest group, Rainbows, People magazine reports.

Prince William also noticed a bubble machine that the kids used during their Wales visit and mentioned how Prince George would enjoy having one as Christmas gift this year.

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