Britain's Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge smiles as she leaves after visiting the Clore Art Room
Britain's Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge smiles as she leaves after visiting the Clore Art Room in west London January 15, 2015. Reuters/Andrew Winning

Kate Middleton supposedly somehow looks like she's not pregnant. The Duchess of Cambridge reportedly has a small baby bump. According to an OB-GYN the size of her belly could be attributed to her height and wardrobe choices.

Yahoo Parenting writer Rachel Bertsche wondered how even at six months into her pregnancy Duchess Catherine still has a barely visible belly. According to Dr. Teri Benn who specialises in Obstetrics & Gynecology at FemCare OB-GYN, Kate's height and how she dresses herself are factors contributing to the size of her baby bump.

Benn told Yahoo Parenting that normally pregnant women starts to show a bigger baby bump twenty weeks into their pregnancy. She said it's usually when the "top of the uterus is at the belly button." Whereas, Benn claimed before twenty weeks the bump is usually below the button and concealed in the lower part of the pelvis. However, this is not the case with Kate Middleton, who at twenty-six weeks pregnant still has a seemingly small belly. Benn supposed the Duchess' height is a factor. "She's a tall girl, so there may be more space for the pelvis to grow upwards, whereas if the torso is short, there may be less room to grow up so it pops out," she said

Likewise, Ben refuted the common notion connecting the size of the belly with the number of pregnancies. She called it a "myth" that women who are in their second pregnancy is likely to show a bigger baby bump. Benn claimed each woman will have a different pregnancy depending on her individual body shape and generally base on her anatomy.

Dr. Terri Benn also does not discount the obvious when it comes to Kate Middleton's wardrobe choices. Benn supposed the clothes she wears also hides her growing baby bump. The Duchess of Cambridge would reportedly step out in public wearing clothes with a "lot of material." If she'd had worn something of a thinner material then perhaps her pregnancy would show. "If she was wearing a T-shirt and exercise pants, I bet you'd be able to see her pregnancy," Benn said.

Kate Middleton made her first public appearance for 2015 wearing a thick navy dress. According to Vanity Fair, the Duchess of Cambridge was photographed sporting a "funky" blue Madderson London shift dress adorned with tweed pocket covers. Her baby bump is barely visible behind her clothes as she visited the new Clore Art Room at the Barlby School in West London.

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