“Believe” star Justin Bieber has been in the news for quite a while mainly for his bad boy antics these days. The 19 year-old star seemed to be enjoying a nearly official adulthood and the attention that his wild antics get him. The pop star is now indulging in adult activities and is also joking about adult stuff. Recently, Bieber took to Twitter to crack an orgasm joke. But he also has a good side to himself, raising funds for Haiyan victims in the Philippines using graffiti art.

Justin Bieber Makes a Sexual Joke on Twitter

After paying a visit to a brothel, hanging out with alleged prostitutes Justin Bieber is now talking about sex -- and doing that too publicly, on Twitter.

Justin Bieber, who uses Twitter quite frequently, took to the social media Web site to crack a sexual joke. He made an orgasm joke using a part of his new single "Hold Tight," on Nov. 15.

This sexual joke consists of Justin Bieber's song "Hold Tight's" lyrics and a clip of his making out with a girl from his music video "As Long As You Love Me" along with a snippet from the classic movie "When Harry Met Sally." (Click here to see the joke he made on twitter.)

Justin Bieber Is Raising Funds for Typhoon Haiyan Victims in Philippines

Moving on from his bad boy image, the star also deserves a mention for his responsible acts.

According to the latest reports by TMZ, Justin Bieber is raising funds for the Typhoon Haiyan victims in Philippines. In order to do so, he has tagged graffiti on a wall in Los Angeles on Nov. 17. Supporting in his efforts is his friend Milk Tyson.

The graffiti displays hands joined in prayer and it reads "Pray 4 Philippines." Justin plans to auction the spray cans and a signed picture of the graffiti wall. The money earned from these auctions will be donated to Philippines Typhoon relief group which is yet to be named.

According to latest reports, he is keen on in getting involved in efforts to help Philippines recover from the destruction caused by Typhoon Haiyan.