Chris Pratt Participates In A Panel For The NBC Series 'Parks And Recreation'
Cast member Chris Pratt participates in a panel for the NBC series "Parks and Recreation" during the NBC Universal sessions at the Television Critics Association winter press tour in Pasadena, California January 10, 2010. Reuters/Phil McCarten

A new mashup video of the first official trailer of "Jurassic World" featuring Chris Pratt has appeared online. The video adds footage from the TV show "Parks and Recreation" to the trailer. The first episode of the next season of the TV series is slated to air next week.

The first official trailer of "Jurassic World" was released in November 2014. The new mashup video has been posted on the popular social media website YouTube. The popular video has already got more than 900,000 views in one week.

The video begins with the ferry ride that takes the visitors of the park to the island in "Jurassic World." The video quickly shifts to a scene from "Parks and Recreation" that shows Chris Pratt introducing his character Andy Dwyer as someone who handles security and sweets, among other things. The video says Andy has been transferred to the dinosaur theme park.

Pratt is seen telling viewers he really wants to do a good job in his new position. The actor plays the role of a dinosaur handler in "Jurassic World." At a later point in the video, the actor can be seen riding a bike in the middle of the night alongside several carnivorous Raptor dinosaurs in the trailer.

The next scene of the video shows the thousands of visitors in the dinosaur theme park. But instead of showing the dinosaurs roaming freely on the island, the video features a scene of Chris Pratt from "Parks and Recreation" that shows a beautiful landscape.

The Mosasaurus feeding scene from the official trailer of "Jurassic World" features in the video, but the very next scene is Pratt from the TV series that shows him wearing water balloons and hugging his co-star. The water in the balloon splashes all over his co-star, Rob Lowe.

The next couple of scenes alternates between different looks of Chris Pratt from the movie and the TV series. The video attempts to add some humour to some of the dramatic scenes in the official trailer and also adds some funny music to add to the effect towards the end. The actor is seen requesting the viewers to "see it" at the end of the video. It is unclear if the maker of the video wanted the viewers to watch the mashup video, the TV series or "Jurassic World."

(Source: YouTube/Universal Pictures)

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