'Jurassic World'
A still from the movie "Jurassic World." Jurassic World/ Facebook

“Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” will continue the story that began in 2015. In a recent interview, scriptwriter Colin Trevorrow shared his insights about the theme of both the first movie and the upcoming sequel.

In an interview posted on the YouTube channel of Sebas Tebany, Trevorrow said that for him, the main theme of the 2015 film is greed. The movie showed that if there’s money to be made, companies will do just about anything, no matter how dangerous or dumb.

While the 2015 film was about companies trying to make money, the sequel will be about greed and responsibility. Trevorrow explained that humanity will be faced with the question of their responsibility after the dinosaurs have been created. There is a volcano about to wipe out these creatures; now, the moral question is whether or not people should intervene.

Owen (Chris Pratt) and Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) will be on a rescue mission to save the dinosaurs. However, Trevorrow said that the film also shows the “darkest and worst instincts of humans, again, when there’s money involved.”

There was some speculation about the plot to be about the military use of dinosaurs. The idea took off after the 2015 film showed an active interest in using Velociraptors as weapons of war, and later when dinosaur embryos were stolen. Trevorrow said he likes the idea of soldiers riding on dinosaurs to wage war, but pointed out that it is not how this particular franchise operates.

Trevorrow confirmed that “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” will give fans a hint about where the story is headed in the next film. He, however, did not tease details about what this setup will be, saying it will not be a cliffhanger.