'Jurassic World'
A still from the movie "Jurassic World." Jurassic World/ Facebook

“Jurassic World: Evolution” game will be out by the summer of 2018. An exact release date is yet to be announced, but the launch may coincide with the premiere of the next film in the franchise. A new trailer for the upcoming game has also been released online, giving fans a glimpse of the park and the dinosaurs.

“Jurassic World: Evolution” is a park management game, with the player tasked with maintaining dinosaurs and their habitat, along with their enclosures. The park should be profitable, attracting a large number of tourists who should enjoy the attractions and the amenities.

A new trailer for the game posted on IGN gives fans a look at the habitat. The lush green landscape, filled with mountains and forests, is home to different species of dinosaurs. There are many buildings that players will have to manage, along with a monorail that brings tourists in, just like in the 2015 movie.

Among the dinosaurs, there’s a T-Rex to keep an eye on. Is this Rexy, the ageing dinosaur that viewers saw in the 2015 film? The Velociraptors are also there, along with a whole range of other species, both carnivore and herbivore.

The report notes that the upcoming game seems similar to “Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis.” The actual mechanics and features will be revealed in the first gameplay video, which should be released soon.

“Jurassic World: Evolution” is a high-profile game for the franchise, something that the market hasn’t seen for a while now. The game will be available to play on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game has been developed by Frontier Developments, a company responsible for “Zoo Tycoon” and “RollerCoaster Tycoon 2: Wacky Worlds.”