'Jurassic World'
A still from the movie "Jurassic World." Jurassic World/ Facebook

A big action sequence was recently filmed for “Jurassic World 2,” a leaked picture reveals. Bryce Dallas Howard confirmed the filming of the scene by sharing pictures from the set. Meanwhile, script writer Colin Trevorrow teased an “insane” action sequence in the film.

A fan came across the filming while on tour, then posted a picture on Twitter. The smoke on the set suggests that the cast and crew were filming an action sequence that day.

Howard (Claire Dearing) also recently shared two pictures, which confirms the scene being filmed (see below). The images show makeup artists giving the actors a dirty look, with sand and dirt on their hands.

“Getting dirty is both a science and an art,” Howard said in her post. The pictures doesn’t show which of the cast members were involved in the action sequence. The actress is not allowed to reveal major spoilers, but she does manage to give out teasers to the fans.

Talking about the plot of the upcoming film, Trevorrow told MTV that the story this time around is “deeper” and “more character-based.” He teased that the second half of the film “leans into suspense.”

Trevorrow dropped out of the director’s role of the film to take up “Star Wars: Episode 9,” but he offers his help to make sure JA Bayona’s film is a success. He watches the dailies and is keenly aware of what’s happening on the set.

There will be an “insane” action sequence in the middle of “Jurassic World 2,” Trevorrow teased. The writer didn’t give any details, only saying that he started to “see stuff come together.” Since filming is still ongoing, the producers may only share details closer to the release date. Fans can expect to see/hear more about the film by the end of this year.

Credit: Bryce Dallas Howard/ Twitter