Soul singer Joss Stone has partnered with PETA to raise awareness and put a stop to animal cruelty. Much like other celebrity PETA supporters in the past, she posed nude in a photo campaign to draw attention. Specifically, the campaign calls out the unethical treatment of crocodiles that are killed to make expensive handbags.

The photo ad has Stone's body dipped in paint that looks like reptilian skin. The ad title reads, “Exotic animals have souls. Never wear them.” At the lower right corner of the image, it says, “3 animals are killed to make 1 crocodile bag. Say NO to exotic animal skins.”

In an interview with Billboard, Stone stressed that all animals are capable of suffering. "Although I'm not as familiar with crocodiles as I am with dogs and horses, I know that all animals are capable of suffering. I hope when people see footage of what happens to crocodiles and alligators killed for their skin to be turned into handbags, they'll join me in leaving wildlife out of their wardrobes."

Recently, PETA released an expose showing how alligator and crocodile skins are harnessed before they get to luxury bag tanneries of Hermes. The footage showed the conditions of these animals living in squalor where they are subjected to pain minutes before they die.

In lieu of the footage, style icon Jane Birkin asked for the removal of her name from the Birkin line of Hermes and said that it must stay that way until better practices are put in place. In response, PETA denied one of the several farms in the video as their supplier.

This is not the first time that Stone bared all for an ad. In 2011, Stone also posed nude for PETA to stop using bear skin for the Queen’s guard hats in the UK.

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