Johnny Depp Falls For 'Dark Shadows' Eva Green

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Uh-oh, it’s another Hollywood marriage on the rocks and this time it has taken a toll on actor Johnny Depp and his wife Vanessa Paradis.

News already broke out about the two having troubles and this time, it comes in the form of the ever lovely Eva Green.

According to many gossip sites, Eva Green is Depp’s newest apple of his eye. The two have been on the set of Tim Burton’s upcoming horror flick, "Dark Shadows", and apparently they work together so well that Vanessa thinks Depp’s crush is going a bit overboard.

"Vanessa is afraid that Johnny has fallen head over heels for Eva. Like Vanessa, Eva is a French actress and model, and Vanessa senses that she's exactly Johnny's type. Friends have even remarked that Eva looks like a younger Vanessa. Johnny has brushed off Vanessa's fears, but it's caused so much tension that rumors are flying they're about to split up", shared a close source to the Enquirer.

By the looks of it, Vanessa is not only worried about her husband’s lovely and not to mention, young co-star, but she’s also seething with jealousy.

A few sources even reveal that to avoid having Eva Green on the cast of “Dark Shadows”, Vanessa asked Alysson, her younger sister, to get the role.

Of course, Johnny Depp was instantly smitten by Eva Green that he preferred her over his wife’s sister. This caused an even more aggravated Vanessa especially after finding out that the two have been particularly close not only on screen but off-screen. Does Vanessa really have to worry for herself that much? It seems she’s already in over her head and paranoia is her constant ally.

“Vanessa’s worst fear is that Johnny wants someone new in his life,” shared the source. “Even though it all seems to be in her head, it’s making Johnny sick.” added the insider.

Who can blame Depp? His wife, Vanessa, rather than showering him with much love and affection, is badgering him with questions and is constantly behind his back about his younger co-star. If Depp was truly planning to make a move on the lovely Eva Green then he would have done so and filed a divorce as early as now.

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