Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting owes her ex Johnny Galecki big time after he did her a huge favour last night at the "People's Choice Awards." Kaley forgot to thank her husband , Ryan Sweeting during her acceptance speech and Johnny stepped up to the plate and did it for hr when he got his own chance at the microphone.

Kaley won the Award for "Favorite Comedic TV Actress" for her role as Penny in the hit comedy series "The Big Bang Theory." When the pixie-haired actress took the stage, she was visibly excited and started to throw out her gratitude to various people. She thanked the fans and everyone who voted for her. She also thanked her bosses and other members of the cast and crew. She ended her speech by making a shameless plug of her upcoming film project, "The Wedding Ringer" and then walked away with no mention of her husband. The pair had just celebrated their one year wedding anniversary on New Year's Eve. [VIDEO BELOW]

Later in the show, "The Big Bang Theory" cast went onstage to accept the award for "Favorite Network TV Comedy." Kaley's cast mate Johnny Galecki who also happens to be her ex-boyfriend, was designated the task of making the speech. Galecki started out sounding serious and said that he wanted to take a moment, because Kaley forgot to thank her husband during her speech.

"Ryan, you are my heart, I can't imagine what I would be without you." said Galecki amid laughter from the other cast members. Kaley could be heard in the background thanking him and saying that she appreciates it. Galecki went on to thank the show's crew and asked for a round of applause for them. He also showed his appreciation for the fans and all their support. [VIDEO BELOW]

Elsewhere during the show, Kaley was again on stage but this time with the rest of the cast of "The Wedding Ringer." They presented the award for "Favorite Comedic Movie Actress" and the spiel made fun of the backlash that Kaley received after making comments perceived to be anti-feminist. The interview came out in the magazine Redbook's February issue and she said that she does not consider herself a feminist. When Kaley was about to read the list of nominated actresses, one of her co-stars jokingly asked if she really wanted to present that particular category given her anti-feminist stance. She then joked further that she felt like she had to because it was part of her apology tour.

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