IN PHOTO: Comedian John Oliver poses for photographers backstage during the 41st International Emmy Awards in New York, November 25, 2013. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

Australia’s war against Johnny Depp’s terriers has been comedy gold and the latest to join the bandwagon is HBO’s "The Last Week Tonight" anchor, John Oliver. Oliver, in his characteristic wit, rocked the six-minute segment, where he listed the Australian imports on the “death count down” if they are not removed from the United States.

Australian Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce’s spat with Pistol and Boo, the adorable terriers who snuck in to Australia, has been lampooned both at home and abroad. According to News.com.au, Joyce said to reporters in Canberra, “It's time that Pistol and Boo buggered off back to the United States.” He warned Depp, who brought his terriers to Australia in his Private jet, to take his pets back to California or face them put to death. The pets were flown back to the United States, but this episode has generated both amusement and derision across the world.

Oliver, who earlier castigated New Zealand’s Prime Minister John Key for pulling a women’s pony tail, humorously accused Joyce of putting the dogs on a “death count down.” His six-minute segment showed Joyce’s comments on the canine “illegal aliens." He also played the audio of Kyle Sandiland’s radio interview with Joyce, where he called the minister “an insensitive wanker.”

After this breathless coverage, the program shifted to the montage with a menacing voiceover warning Australia to remove the offending imports. The items included vegemite, Midnight Oil, Silverchair, Rupert Murdoch, Mel Gibson and Foster's. However, he said that America would keep Hugh Jackman as he was “delightful.” The final funny moment was the diabolical threat to the adorable koala at the Los Angeles Zoo, which had just 49 hours and 59 minutes on the countdown before the U.S. would kill it.

Oliver is a hugely successful comedian and has earlier covered Australia’s gun control initiatives on the "Daily Show." But this international dog deportation has provided the perfect ammunition against Joyce, who seemed to have landed with an egg on his face.

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