Ever since John Legend and wife Chrissy Teigen announced that she was pregnant with their first child in October, Legend has become inspired and is already excited to become a father.

Legend told E!News that Teigen’s pregnancy has “inspired” him and that he “already got some ideas that have come to [him]” since October. “Definitely the idea of being a father is exciting to me and it's inspiring some creativity in me," he said.

With just a few weeks left before the start of a new year, many people are already thinking of what they plan to do in the coming year. However, the “All of Me” crooner admitted during his E!News interview that he “[doesn’t] really do New Year Resolutions.” He explained that what he likes to do is set up “new album resolutions” for the year. Legend stated, “I do like, 'new albums resolutions' where I focus on what I want to do for each album cycle and what I'm trying to do creatively with each album.”

In terms of his personal life, Legend told E!News that he wants to become a “great dad.” He shared that he’s “excited” to become a father and that he’s “not nervous” in meeting his future son or daughter. Legend added that he hopes both he and Teigen will become “good parents” to their future kids.

Meanwhile, the Grammy award-winning musician also shared how his wife Teigen has been coping with being pregnant. In an interview with Us Weekly during the Stars by Stella Artois event held on Wednesday, Dec. 9, he mentioned that the supermodel has gotten “a little self-conscious” given her pregnancy.

“You know it’s weird when you’re used to looking a certain way,” he explained to Us Weekly. “And then all of a sudden you have this new thing growing inside you that changes the way you look. It affects everybody.”

While Teigen is still adjusting to the physical changes that pregnancy typically brings, Legend admitted to Us Weekly that he finds Teigen more beautiful now given her condition. “I told her before that I was always attracted to pregnant women,” he said. “But I never actually had one myself, so now I’m excited to be with a beautiful, pregnant woman.”

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