Actress Joan Collins (R) and writer Jackie Collins
Actress Joan Collins (R) and writer Jackie Collins arrive at the 2015 Vanity Fair Oscar Party in Beverly Hills, California February 22, 2015. Reuters/Danny Moloshok

Joan Collins has honoured her sister Jackie Collins with a touching and emotional essay weeks after the famous novelist passed away.

According Entertainment Weekly the essay, posted on Joan’s website , described the author’s battle with stage four cancer. In an essay posted on The British actress' website, she also shared how Jackie only told her about the disease seven years after being diagnosed. Joan explained that it was “typical” of her sister to put other people “ahead of herself,” especially her family.

Apart from writing about Jackie’s cancer battle, Joan also recounted other moments she shared with her sister which spanned decades. From their teenage years to growing up under the spotlight, Joan wrote about poignant memories, times when they drifted apart and eventually reconnected, up to the last party that Jackie threw.

In the essay, Joan also confessed about how she will never “recover from the sadness” of losing her “beautiful baby sister.” The columnist even shared how she plans to “celebrate” Jackie’s life, something that Joan said her sister requested.

“She will live on in the wonderful memories I have of her from our childhood and particularly from the last fifteen years, during which we were all closer than ever,” Joan stated. “I feel her spirit, I hear her wonderful laugh and I see her all the time in the hundreds of photos of her that are sprinkled around my home.”

Joan’s touching tribute also revealed how she used to “nag” Jackie about check-ups and getting mammogram tests, Huffington Post reported. However, Jackie “refused” to undergo said check-ups. "I used to nag my sister about getting mammograms, as our darling mother Elsa had succumbed to the disease in 1962 when she was only in her early fifties,” she wrote. "I was religious about doing mammograms regularly. Jackie however refused – she didn't even like going to doctors. Like my brother and I she was needle-phobic."

Jackie died on Sept. 19 after battling breast cancer. She was 77.

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