Miley Cyrus turned up in a daring outfit during her appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Wednesday by wearing nipple pasties over her naked breasts. The singer also went undercover on the show to ask strangers about what they think of Miley hosting the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs).

Miley left show host Jimmy Kimmel “a little bit flustered” after she decided to go bra-less on live TV and just wear sparkling heart-shaped nipple pasties over her bare breasts. Kimmel acknowledged her outfit by saying, “You are almost naked” then asks the singer where she buys her clothes. Miley opens her vest and says she buys her outfits on Hollywood Boulevard.

In the video below, Kimmel could be seen covering his face as he admits feeling “embarrassed” at having looked at her chest. E! Online says the singer’s risqué outfit even made Kimmel blush. At one point the host struggled to finish saying, “Now I can't help but...I'm gonna.” Miley told him the trick to not looking at her breasts is to focus on her eyebrows.

The singer admits that she gets a little thrill when she makes people uncomfortable with her daring outfits. She tells Jimmy of one instance when Paul McCartney also squirmed seeing her naked breasts.

Miley, who has been an advocate of the Free the Nipple campaign, also shared her thoughts on America’s aversion to seeing a woman’s nipples.

“It's nipples they don't like—which is what you have,” she says.” Humans aren't afraid of the human breast. It's the nipple that's the issue...I'm showing my boobs and no one has a problem because the nipples are covered so somehow that's OK,” she tells Kimmel in the video.

Miley also went undercover for “Jimmy Kimmel Live” for its “I Witness News” and posed as a field reporter named Janet from Perth, Australia. The video below shows the 22-year-old wearing a wig and a pair of eyeglasses while talking with a fake Australian accent as she asked random people on Hollywood Boulevard about Miley Cyrus. The singer also brought up the fact that Miley will be hosting the upcoming VMAs.

The singer received mixed opinions with one man named Carl saying Miley’s not one of her favourites and says the “whole fabric of America is falling apart” and she’s not helping make it better. Another prefers Taylor Swift over Miley and the singer also twerked along with the two girls she interviewed.

One man wearing a New England Patriots t-shirt eventually thought Janet is actually Miley. The singer then pulls open the top of her vest and had the man peek at her breasts. Miley says the breasts are Miley’s but her face is definitely Janet’s.

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Source:YouTube/ Jimmy Kimmel Live

Source:YouTube/ Jimmy Kimmel Live