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Krysten Ritter has recently dazzled the streets of New York on her way to the "Today Show" to promote “Jessica Jones” season 2. Clad in a dress that hugged all the rights places, the 34-year-old actress dished everything she knew about season two of the Marvel series on Netflix.

Fans who watched the first season of Marvel hit TV series “Jessica Jones” would know what all these fuss about Krysten Ritter meant. Otherwise, some catching up would be ideal. It might do some persuasion, it might not, but here’s the trailer for the first season anyway:

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When Netflix announced that the Marvel series has been renewed, fan speculations and theories were made on "Jessica Jones" season 2.

Ritter answered fans’ questions as best as she could on the "Today Show."

Spoiler alert! This article contains “Jessica Jones” spoilers.

Watch: Krysten Ritter dishes on season two of “Jessica Jones”

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“She's a mess. She's very traumatised and carries the world around with her,” Ritter told the "Today Show." "So for me it's so fun because I get to do all this great dramatic work, but then I also get to throw people through a wall here and there.”

Ritter also talked about how much she loves her character, who is quite different from how superheroes are usually portrayed. The Marvel series doesn’t shy away from the character’s issues and explores everything about her that makes her human despite her superhuman abilities.

What to expect from “Jessica Jones” season two

“It's Marvel so everything is always very secretive,” Ritter answered when asked if Marvel has shared anything about how her character is going to be for season two.

Ritter made up for the non-answer by giving the fans something to think about.

"Jessica Jones" season 1 ended with Jessica killing the bane of her existence, Kilgrave (David Tennant). Ritter shared that her character’s reason for getting up in the morning was to do exactly that. Now that that’s out of the way, how is Jessica going to cope with the blood on her hands even if it belonged to a man who traumatized her? Can Jessica deal with the fact that she killed another person without the influence of mind control?

“I think that's going to come with a lot of emotional weight and baggage that we'll see how she deals with it,” Ritter said.

In an interview with the Nerdist, showrunner Melissa Rosenberg revealed that season two of the Marvel hit series will give the secondary characters a chance to shine. This meant that there will be a whole lot more Marvel’s Hellcat Trish Walker (Rachael Taylor), Ironfist Luke Cage (Mike Colter), Nuke Will Simpson (Wil Traval), and maybe even the Night Nurse Claire Temple (Rosario Dawson).

“Jessica Jones” is set to be released sometime in 2017. Ritter told IGN that season two will be released back-to-back with “The Defenders.” For the meantime, season one is available on Netflix.

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