After appearing in the first Season of “Jessica Jones,” Marvel and Kabam have announced that Luke Cage would be joining the roster for “Marvel Contest of Champions.” The character will be a powerhouse; utilising power moves to take down his opponents, though he’ll probably be slower than other characters due to this.

During an interview with Marvel, the developers revealed how Cage would be different from playing as other characters of similar nature, like Hulk or Rhino. Apparently, Cage can utilize combos better than the other power characters, mixing light attacks to stun his opponents before blowing them away with heavy blows and special attacks.

The character’s stats and abilities were also revealed on a community post in the Kabam forums. His signature ability utilises his bulletproof skin and prevents him from getting hurt by the opponent’s first attack, making him incredibly useful during tough fights against certain bosses.

Cage isn’t the only character in the game to come from a Netflix show. The Netflix versions of Jessica Jones and Daredevil recently made their debuts as well, even though Daredevil is already in the game, wearing his comic book costume. Luke is also in his comic book costume, though fans can expect his Netflix attire once his show debuts next year.

His fellow “Hero for Hire” Iron Fist is also in the game, giving Cage a synergy bonus if they’re in the same team. The fourth character, who is slated to get a Netflix series, has been a good friend to Luke Cage in the comics, starring in “Heroes for Hire” together and eventually joining the Avengers.

“Marvel Contest of Champions” has been used to spotlight characters new and old as of late. The game is currently home to characters like Thor, Iron Man, Spider-Gwen and many more. The focus on fan service and events has made the mobile fighter a favourite amongst comic book fans.

The game has becomes so popular that a new comic book based on it has recently debuted. Like the video game, the comic book has different versions of characters fans know and love taking on familiar villains while being the pawns of something bigger. The comic is written by Sam Humphries and drawn by Lan Medina.

Mobile players and comic book fans can download “Contest of Champions” right now for iOS and Android devices. The game is free-to-play, though fans can use real money to get certain packages or in-game currency.

Marvel Contest of Champions: Luke Cage Spotlight (Credit: YouTube/Marvel Entertainment)

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