Krysten Ritter stars in 'Jessica Jones'
Actress Krysten Ritter arrives at the 2014 Film Independent Spirit Awards in Santa Monica, California March 1, 2014. Reuters / Danny Moloshok

“Jessica Jones” has been receiving a lot of good feedback from anticipating fans and critics for being Marvel’s edgiest and grittiest project yet. The series will launch on Nov. 20.

Showrunner Melissa Rosenbergy told TVGuide that she was excited to introduce a rich character, instead of focusing on the gender. The show is based on the comic “Alias” by Brian Michael Benids and Michael Gaydos. The plot revolves around a former superhero who has retreated into a quieter life as a private investigator, still using some of her superhuman abilities to solve cases, but not to save the globe.

According to Rosenberg, Jessica Jones’s (Krysten Ritter) lack of star power is actually an advantage, since they do not have to keep worrying about fan expectations. She said that there is a lot more freedom in working on the character.

The first season features the internal and external challenges that Jessica has to face, particularly with the villain Zebediah Kilgrave (David Tennant), who has the power of mind control. Yahoo writes that Kilgrave previously manipulated and violated Jessica for a long time, which left her traumatized. She has to face her biggest fears as she tries to stop the enemy from harming others. notes that Marvel’s “Jessica Jones” is edgier and darker compared to other series because it has a more personal take on the character herself. She lives in the same world as Matt Murdock/Daredevil (Charlie Cox) and Wilson Fisk (Vincent D’Onofrio) but the story is very much her own. She sees the world from a more personal perspective.

The show also features Jessica’s own weaknesses, usually resorting to sex and alcohol to treat her depression. The sex scenes are also going to be racier, as featured in the past trailers. Although the show may be less violent compared to other Marvel series, it is expected to be more psychologically haunting.

The main villain, Kilgrave, is also as mesmerizing, considering how he brought so much pain and horror in Jessica’s life. Fans will most likely want to know more about the character and his super abilities.

“Jessica Jones” will premiere on Nov. 20 at 12:01 AM on Netflix.

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