'Jessica Jones'
A poster of the Marvel TV series "Jessica Jones" Facebook/Jessica Jones

“Jessica Jones” has been renewed for Season 2 and will be released on Netflix. Executive producer Melissa Rosenberg and some of the cast members of the show spoke about the show at a panel discussion at the Television Critics Association press tour.

[Spoiler alert]

Rosenberg confirmed at the event that Kilgrave (David Tennant) will not be returning to the show in the next season, The Hollywood Reporter reports. “When you have David Tennant, you want him around forever," Rosenberg said. She later added that the show is basically a story about Jessica and she will be the main focus of the show and not characters like Kilgrave.

“I just want to continue with her character,” The Wrap quotes the executive producer as saying at the event. Rosenberg described Jessica as a “damaged character.”

The show creator explained that Kilgrave is not the only one to cause her trouble and that “her damage goes beyond Kilgrave.” Rosenberg teased that there is a lot of material from Jessica’s back story that the screenwriters can use to continue e story in “Jessica Jones” Season 2.

Cast member Krysten Ritter (Jessica Jones) said that the death of Kilgrave in the first season was “conflicting” moment for her character. “He’s the reason why she went out in the world, and it really gave her a purpose. I don’t think that the past trauma doesn’t go away with his death. Her head space is really complex,” Ritter explained.

Although a lot of the material for the first season was taken from the Brian Michael Bendis’ comic book series “Alias,” the next season will be very different from the comics. The executive producer said that she will try and use the material from the comics as much as she can, but she pointed out that the story has now moved away from the comics.

“Jessica Jones” Season 2 is expected to show the aftermath of the events in the forthcoming movie “Captain America: Civil War.” The producers have so far not confirmed an exact release date for the next season of the show.